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Blue Ink

This vs. That: Blue vs. Black Ink


23, 2011 |

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So I can only assume that ink color isn’t really that important to you based on the number of votes. OR, you were all completely distracted by my announcement that I was going to Paris. Which must be the case, because ink color is one of the big questions in my book.

I mean, someone who chooses Blue ink over Black is making a clear statement that they have chosen the road less traveled. And those who choose Green are all about flaunting their non-conformist attitude. Red reveals a Type A personality, and Purple . . . well, they probably saw a little too much of a certain dinosaur who shall remain nameless.

So much at stake. So here we go . . .

Total votes: 14

Black: 9 votes; 65%
Blue: 3 votes; 21%
Purple: 1 vote; 7%
Red: 1 vote; 7%

I confess, I went black.

So what does this say about me? See, black goes with everything, and it’s sensible and to the point. Not flashy or showy, but it does its job, day-in, day-out, with only a little complaining when the sun shines too hard. Then it turns purple, and we already know what that means.

My, I’m feeling a bit rambly today. I’d better move on quick!

So the next important question?

Star Wars


Star Trek

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This vs. That: Paris vs. Rome Results


25, 2011 |

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Oh my goodness, the voting on this was close! Paris was ahead by a landslide and then Rome crawled it’s way back for a respectable finish. And amazingly enough, while many of you professed indecision, everyone was able to pick a side. Kudos to all of you for getting past the indecision! Here are the results:

Total votes: 18 

Paris: 10 votes; 56%
Rome: 8 votes; 44%
Both: 0 votes; 0%

So, hard vote. I was leaning toward Paris because I know and LOVE Paris. Ah, my mouth waters just thinking about the crepes there . . . or the paninis. Yummmm . . . . But then I read Beth’s post yesterday on Of Muses and Meringues. She has the touch people. Her pictures alone got me, but then she started talking about the legends. Gah! I never can resist a good legend. My vote went to Rome.

Though I may be on the losing side in the vote, I’m totally on the winning side because I leave for Paris in less than two weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! It won’t be Rome. But that’s okay, because it’s PARIS!

So on to the next vote. And THIS is an important one: 

Black Ink
Blue Ink

***And don’t forget! The Brawl ‘n Haul Contest starts this Monday (March 28). Vicki and I will duke it out with daily blogging competitions and you vote for the winners. Be sure to stop back in because you don’t want to miss it. Daily prizes! Easy entry! Plus the chance to win a 10-page critique from Sarah LaPolla, Agent Fabulous.***

UPDATE: Vicki has the details and schedule up on her blog. Click here to check it out!

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