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This vs. That: Oranges vs. Apples


05, 2012 |

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They may say you can’t compare Apples and Oranges, but we, here on this blog, have proven them wrong. (I have no idea who “they” and “them” are, but whoever you are, you’re wrong!) Apples and Oranges can, indeed, be compared. And here’s our results:

Total votes: 22

Apples: 7 votes; 31%
Oranges: 10 votes; 45%
Neither: 1 vote; 5%
Refuse to take sides: 1 vote; 5%
Depends: 2 votes; 9%
Chocolate: 1 vote; 5%

Ah, but you guys bring me joy with your reasoning. Though I now fear that all my future polls will get at least one vote for chocolate . . . you know who you are! And I can hear a mini avalanche of apples and oranges dropping to the ground while the rest of you change your vote.

So enough asides. My vote went to Oranges. Why? Because as messy as the are, the thought of a sweet juicy orange bursting in my mouth just makes me happy.

Now on to the next debate:

Stay Up Late
Get Up Early

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This vs. That: Resolutions vs. No Resolutions


30, 2012 |

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Of all the polls I’ve done, this one surprised me the most. In truth, I thought this would be a ‘no contest’ event, but boy was I wrong. However, I found it fascinating to hear about all of your opinions on resolutions and goal-setting. Good stuff!

But lets get to the interesting stuff:

Total votes: 17

Resolutions: 8 votes; 47%
No Resolutions: 9 votes; 53%

I really thought that while people might ignore resolutions or #fail at them (it just sounds cool to add the pound sign), most people would be pro-resolutions. So yes, I voted in favor of them.

However, I forgot to consider that most of my readers are writers. I should have realized that semantics would play into this. Unlike most people in the world, we writers make the distinction between goals and resolutions.

Nit-picky bunch, aren’t we?

That said, I have a feeling that if I did Goals vs. Resolutions, Goals would win hands down. They seem to be preferred based on all your comments.

Okay. Now on to the next debate:


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