Janet Sumner Johnson
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Author Visits

As a picture book and middle grade author, two of my favorite things are books and writing. I would love to work with your students and share my enthusiasm on these subjects! Contact me HERE for more info.

For the 2020-2021 school year, I am available for Virtual Visits! Presentation options are listed below and can be adjusted for all grade levels. Also, I’m more than happy to work with you to design a custom program to fit your needs.


Capturing Story Ideas:

The question I get more often than any other is “where do you get your ideas?” In this presentation I’ll share the origins of my published books, then talk about all the different places ideas come from. Along the way, we’ll create some fun ideas together.


From Start to Finish:

One fun part about being an author is seeing how a picture book is made from start to finish. In this presentation I’ll share all the fun details, including sketches and last second changes!


Creating Characters:

As authors, we build characters from scratch, just like Dr. Frankenstein, choosing all the best parts for our creation. But a character without a story, doesn’t mean as much. In this presentation, the students and I will work together to create a character to fit a story of our choosing.


Revision! The fun Part:

Making changes to a story can seem like one of the hardest parts of writing . . . but it’s where the real magic happens. First, I’ll share some revision examples from my own books. Then we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to revise their own writing.


Keeping It Real: Using real life to inspire your stories:

Sometimes the best inspiration for our writing comes from our own lives. I’ll use examples from my books, giving insider information about things that really happened, and things that didn’t. Then we’ll use some writing prompts to help your students create their own stories.


A Day in the Life:

What does an author do all day? The obvious answer is “write,” but that’s not always true. In this presentation I’ll share all the glamorous (and not so glamorous) details about what it’s like to be an author.


Presentations run from 20-30 for the youngers, and 40-60 minutes for older students, including a Q&A period.

Interested in booking a visit, or have questions? Please email me at pbjsociety@gmail.com.

Virtual Q&A Visits: I offer a limited number of free virtual visits via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. We’ll get together for a fifteen to twenty minute Q&A where I’ll tell the kids a little bit about being an author and answer their questions. Email me at pbjsociety@gmail.com for more info or to schedule a visit.