Janet Sumner Johnson
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Book Extras!

Extras for Help Wanted, Must Love Books


      Extras for PB&J Society


A book cover. An illustration of a young girl with brown hair and light brown skin in a yellow sweater with pink trim stands in front of a roller coaster. Text reads, "Braver than Brave"A book Cover with a little light-skinned girl with brown hair and wearing red glasses and yellow rubber gloves, writes in a notebook. There is a pug dog with a yellow collar next to her.

Extras for Braver than Brave                                                          Extras for A Bad Case of the Almosts


                                                 Book Cover for The Winterton Deception 1: Final Word. A cream-colored mansion with a red roof sits in low light, surrounded by pine trees and the ocean in the distance

Extras for The Recess Genius Series                                      Extras for The Winterton Deception Series


Book cover for Not My Circus. A little girl in a yellow jacket and blue skirt stands in front of several circus animals, including an elephant spraying water everywhere.

Extras for Not My Circus