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Fairness and Elephant Poop


01, 2016 |

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Sometimes, life just isn’t fair.

My kids tell me this all the time, and I’m pretty sure as a kid I reported this fact to my parents at least weekly.



The list goes on and on and on. From stupid things that don’t really matter, to big things that make us want to curl up in bed with a tub of cookie dough and watch nonstop episodes of [insert favorite show here].

Life isn’t fair. It isn’t. And though I wish otherwise, it probably never will be.

Which is precisely why we can’t let that bother us. We can’t let the mundane unfairness of life control us.

This past month, my family and I have been going through an unfairness. A life situation that is crazy! Unexpected. Silly. And utterly, completely unfair. And it’s not been a little thing. It will uproot our lives, and make things much more complicated in the months to come (lest you all worry overmuch, it’s about a failed house purchase for a reason that even the lender admitted to never having seen before).

There are all kinds of ways to react to this unfairness. Anger that it is happening to us. Stress and anxiety for all the changes to come and the added unexpected workload, not to mention expense. Sorrow for losing what could have been. Bitterness at the unfairness of it all!


Or, or, or, we can chose to be ducks. Face it head on, then let it flow off our backs like water. Trust me, I know that is easier to write than it is to live. I KNOW. But the situation is happening. It will happen no matter how we react. And though we can’t control the situation, we can control how we react.

And we can choose to be happy. We can choose to move past the unfairness, and focus on the good things that still fill our lives. Because there are good things. Lots of them. Sometimes it’s hard to notice those small happinesses when a big elephant of frustration is filling our vision. But a change of perspective, a shift of stance, and there they are. All those good things just waiting to be noticed.

Yes, it will take work. Yes, it will be hard. I know we’ll have moments where we stumble, or slip in the elephant’s poop (gross!). But I hope they will just be moments.

Here’s to moving on. Here’s to focusing on the sunny side of life and finding joy despite it all!

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The End of Summer


14, 2015 |

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Summer is officially over. The kids are back in school, the weather is cooling down, the summer frenzy is ending and the school one is beginning.
I planned so many times what I wanted to say on my “I’m back!!” blog post, but I’m not nearly as organized as I like to think I am. And whenever I tried to focus, the rush of it all filled my brain.

So the rush is what you get. Because so much happened this summer. SO MUCH! (and honestly, this is the abridged version):

Life Stuff:



Book Stuff:
This Summer has been such a learning curve. I won’t prattle on
just yet about all the things I learned, but hopefully in the future.

In the mean time, what awesome things did you do this

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My Crazy in Pictures


08, 2015 |

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The last few months have been full of crazy. Or I could use other adjectives like exciting. Fun. Adventure. Sports. Play. Work. Celebration. Food. Art. Writing. Culture. Bonding. Homecomings.

Lots of good things. But LOTS of things. I’ll be going off-line for a bit since we will be moving in a couple of weeks. But for your viewing pleasure, my crazy (and by crazy, I mean awesome) life in pictures:

This might have been one of my favorite parts of the trip.
Ile de Ré on bikes!

Oh wait! I mean THIS was my favorite part. Tartelette aux fraises!

I could have stayed here forever. So peaceful!

You can’t go to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Or the Mona Lisa.
(Do I look exhausted??? Yeah, it was the end of a full day of travel and site-seeing. I was EXHAUSTED. All-caps are needed to fully capture the feeling.)

And Versaille. (Though it wasn’t my favorite. Don’t hate me!)

My 11-yo and I took the stairs to get to Sacré Coeur.
Yep. We are that awesome.

And Crèpes. Need I say more?

Home never felt so good!

Because I got to watch my soccer star!

And play with my crazy, pink-loving Girlie.
And yes! This is me making my book deal all official. Release date is Spring 2016!!
I hope you all have a great summer! I’ll be back as soon as I get my world organized in my new place.

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06, 2012 |

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Hello, all my long lost bloggy friends! After nearly two months of absence, I’m back, though it may take me some time to regain my sea legs. So for today, I give you my list of what I accomplished while I was gone:

  1. Moved halfway across the country with a husband and 3 small children.
  2. No one killed each other in said move.
  3. Finished the first draft of my WIP (hurray!)
  4. Did not rip said draft into pieces. Yet.
  5. Bought a couch. In two hours. (I know! Perhaps my biggest accomplishment all summer.)
  6. Beat my sister in Words With Friends by nearly 200 points. (Heehee. Sorry Reb . . . I had to tell someone.)

Anywho, I won’t bore you with the rest of my minutiae. What did you accomplish this summer?

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Wallowing in My Own Mud


06, 2010 |

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So we’ve moved. Unpacked? No. But moved, yes. Yay!

More space for the kids to run around. No neighbors beneath us. Best friends next door. I’m thrilled.

However, I’m learning stuff about myself. Though the new place was “cleaned,” I have spent a lot of time cleaning. Wiping down blinds, walls, cupboards, cabinet tops, disinfecting the bathrooms . . . well, you get the idea. The thing is, I had to do all of that in my old apartment before leaving, and it wasn’t nearly as gross.

And after much reflection, I’ve figured it out . . . in my old place, the dirt was MINE. In our new place, the dirt is someone else’s. That makes it much more egregious.

The thing is, I think our books are like that, too. I see an overused adjective in my critique partner’s work, I heartlessly mark it (in the nicest sort of way, of course). A nicely worded phrase that’s simply unneccessary? Cross it out. Etc., etc.

When I see it in my own? But I NEED that adjective. Is the overuse really that horrible? And that phrase is BEAUTIFUL. Perfect. Necessary. I can’t cut THAT.

See, but it’s my own dirt. Maybe I should pretend I’m editing someone else’s work for my next revision . . . Do you find it easier to edit others’ work?

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