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Abraham Lincoln

This vs. That: Washington vs. Lincoln Results


21, 2011 |

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In honor of President’s Day, I bring you the results of the Washington vs. Lincoln debate. Thank you to all my non-U.S. visitors for putting up with my U.S.-centric question this last time.

So, of all my proposed debates, this has been the hardest question for me to answer by far. Actually, I’m still debating who to vote for as I write this introductory paragraph. But since I forced the issue, and I have no one to blame but myself, here we go:

Total votes: 22

George Washington: 5 votes; 22%
Abraham Lincoln: 14 votes; 63%
Both: 1 vote; 5%
All Presidents: 1 vote; 5%
Decline to vote: 1 non-vote; 5%

After the first few votes, I totally thought that George Washington would take it by a landslide, but the tables turned. Both men are fascinating in what they did as President of the United States. Great leaders in a time when we really needed them. And though Lincoln may have won this vote, I honor both of them. However, in the end, I voted for George Washington. I’ve read a lot more about him, and recently visited Mount Vernon, so I suppose I was biased. A couple of things I particularly admire about him are 1) his love for his wife, Martha Washington; and 2) the fact that he never asked the men who fought with him in the revolutionary war to do anything he was not willing to do himself. A true leader.

So a couple of quick facts about each. 

Washington: In his will, he granted freedom to all of his slaves, to take effect after Martha’s death (though Martha didn’t wait for her death to free them).

Lincoln: The observance of the Thanksgiving holiday began with him. On Oct. 3, 1863, he proclaimed that there be a national day of Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November. He also was the first president to have a beard.

Okay, enough of that. Two great men. I admire them both. Now on to the next vote:

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Results: Real vs. Artificial


10, 2011 |

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Yes, yes. Way past Christmas, but the results are still relevant, right? (And no worries, Conquering Clich├ęs, Part 2 is on for Wed.). So there were some passionate comments mixed in there on the subject. Don’t hate me because I love real trees! So on to the results . . .

Total votes: 20

Real Tree: 10 votes; 50%
Artificial Tree: 10 votes; 50%

Seriously. I swear I did not meddle with the numbers [unless you count the fact that I had to interpret one or two responses. . . . Still, pretty amazing. ;)]. So apparently we are split down the middle. What would really be interesting would be to repeat this poll over the next ten years (Will you all still be following me 10 years from now?!) and see how the numbers change . . . IF they change. Hmmm . . .

Anyhoo, I did think that Joanna from Whole Latte Life gave the most compelling reason to go artificial. A nest of spiders would definitely make me think twice!

So on to the next debate. President’s Day approaches:

George Washington 


Abraham Lincoln

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