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Summer Dreaming

Jun 13, 2011 Uncategorized 15 comments

Here in Virginia, we still have one more week to go before Summer break (well—technically—one more week and two days). In reality, I’ll have less free time once school lets out. But in my imagination, I see myself high-tailing it to a remote location such as this:

I see myself kicking back, laptop warming my legs while I stare dreamily out across the ocean, plotting my next best seller.

My husband will bring me platefuls of chocolate-dipped strawberries, and skillfully prepare all the meals. My only concern will be writing.


Definitely Summer dreaming.

So where does your Summer dreaming take you?


15 Responses to โ€œSummer Dreamingโ€

  1. Tracy says:

    My summer dreaming takes me to the same place. What a coinkydink! Except, I have no husband, so my imagination instead gave me a beautiful young Italian man name Paolo in the lighthouse next door who takes it upon himself to take care of me. Sadly, concentrating on writing is difficult in this scenario!

  2. Tracy, that's hysterical. ;D My summer dreaming takes me to the top of the best sellers list and out of my current job by next year. Which would mean I'd need to be accepted by an agent and publisher this week and discover that my ms needs no changes. Come on, agents. Chop, chop, time's not standing still! LOL

  3. ROFL at Tracy's comment. Her fantasy does sound a little too distracting.

    My summer dream is similar to yours, Janet. I'll be planning my next novel–the best seller. Not much writing for me though. Not with my kids home. Mostly doing some editing on my WIP.

  4. Joanne says:

    My summer dream brings me to a little seaside cottage, seagulls calling, distant waves breaking, the sea breeze reaching the front porch, where I'm writing, writing, writing ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lynn says:

    That picture is gorgeous! Summer is the perfect time for me to take a vacation to write! Work slows down and the days are longer. Now someone cooking and cleaning for me would be dreamy!

  6. (sigh) That is a beautiful dream. I hope it comes true for you, Janet ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. That sounds like Heaven! I'd love to get away to some place like the one in your picture, and just write. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. shame on me. i don't remember the last time i've visited your blog. i'll do better in the future. i swear. :]

    and you've been so good to follow picky and promote my page in your blogroll.

    bad c.c.

    i really, really will do better.


    your summer dreaming sounds pretty nifty.

    i think right now, i'd go for ireland's craggy coast. i like the drama of its cliffs and the lushness of its countryside, and texas is so flat and so brittle and brown right now, that i long for a complete change of scenery. peace. quiet. solitude.

  9. I must admit, summer in Virginia makes me think "Anywhere but here." Especially lately, it's been so muggy! I think my dream spot would be a moody castle somewhere in the British isles, either with gray oceans crashing against the cliffs, or moors gone purple with blooming heather.


  10. lol, I think a lot of summer dreaming is just fantasy, honestly, but what's wrong with that?

  11. Ooooh can I share your dream? Cuz that place looks amazing.

  12. Yeah, I think a quiet house is about the biggest daydream I can come up with. If I get that every once in awhile, I'll be stoked! No strawberries or lighthouses necessary. But a functional laptop is compulsory. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep dreaming! You never know…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. This is totally my fantasy, except I've got a drink of some kind in hand. And maybe Jared Leto lounging somewhere.

    Our kids are already out. Love having them home. But yeah, Jared Leto. Drinks. Strawberries…

  14. OH man, what a dream!!! I'm signing up! Modify that picture just slightly to a Greek island, and it's perfect (though really any dream where my husband takes care of everything, even the chocolate, so I can concentrate on my writing, is perfect, no matter the location!)

  15. Kristen says:

    You forgot the maid in your dream. You know, the one who cleans up after all the mess the children make!

    That would be my dream. Playing with the kids all day, doing what I want, and all the laundry and cleaning done. ๐Ÿ™‚

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