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Hacky Sack Club Inductee: Catherine Denton

Mar 01, 2012 Uncategorized 12 comments

PhotobucketToday, I introduce to you to the first ever Hacky Sack Club Inductee:

Catherine Denton! 

*throws confetti* 
*releases a gaggle of balloons in the sky* 
*toots a new years horn*

Hurray and welcome to the club!

All the rest of you, go check out her Hula-Hacky Movie Debut.

And happy day, Amy and I still have hacky sacks to send if you want to join the club. I know you’re thinking about it . . . I have ESPN (hee, hee). We can’t wait to see your video next (hacky sack optional)!

The Wall of Shame Fame will be up shortly. 🙂


12 Responses to “Hacky Sack Club Inductee: Catherine Denton”

  1. Hi Janet – just realised I hadn't been across for a while – so can say well done to Catherine .. re her Hacky Sack debut – and say cheers … but no thanks to the remotest suggestion I'd think about videoing myself! Have fun with the Hall of Fame …

    Cheers again .. Hilary

  2. Catherine is awesome! Loved her vid. Really, I am not in the same league with you guys, so I'm going to have to just keep watching 🙂

  3. Old Kitty says:

    Hooorah for Catherine!! I can't seem to access her blog to watch her hackey sacking away with a hula – WOW! – my screen just freezes! Oh well! Will try later – and YAY for her! Take care

  4. All those balloons for ME?? *reddens* Oh thank you! I would like to thank the Hacky Academy, my Mom for the hula skills, my family for enduring my time away for filming–oh, there's the music, I'm out of time. Thanks again! *curtsies*
    Catherine Denton

  5. Catherine seems like the ideal addition to your club. For some reason, I couldn't watch her video because it froze, but the combining hula and the hacky makes me happy for its alliterative qualitie.

  6. Catherine rocked my world with her hacky sack/hula skills. We need to figure out our wall of fame/shame, Janet, now that we actually have someone to put on it! Yippeee!

  7. Catherine, you totally rock in your willingness to do this. I'm still trying to bring myself to make a clothes angel, Janet. I have not forgotten. Just procrastinated.

  8. Emily says:

    Hooray! Congratulations, Catherine!

  9. I've signed up for hacky sack summer camp for this year. Just wait until I wow you with my video. 😀

  10. I just checked it out– it was awesome! Good for her!

  11. Congratulations Catherine!

  12. LTM says:

    Hooray for Catherine!!! You realize that's going to be what I have to do when I miss my 1K day, right?

    So far I'm still rockin! Made it yesterday, but it was so late, I forgot to email you.

    I went from she realizes he's an alien right away to nope. He's going to tell her. And she's gonna freak. Yep.

    More soon~ <3

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