Janet Sumner Johnson
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The Recess Genius 1: Open for Business

Illustrated by Stacy Ebert
Pixel+InkISBN: 978-1645951384March 2023

Introducing the playground problem solver who uses quick thinking, practicality, tenacity, love of reading, and a little creative perspective to help her schoolmates out of their stickiest jams; From the author of Help Wanted: Must Love Books and the illustrator of Hello World!

Regina Grey’s never had much of a knack for anything, apart from disappearing into her books. She muddles her math, splutters her spelling, and gets jumbled up in gym.

Until the day she off-handedly solves a classmate’s brother troubles. Soon, rumor spreads across the playground of the pint-sized crisis manager who makes her office at the top of the jungle gym. She can solve any problem. Itchy cast? Here’s a stick to get to the spot. Gum stuck in your hair? Snip, snip solved. It’s like she’s a genius—a recess genius.

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Praise for The Recess Genius 1: Open for Business

“Sumner Johnson . . . employs a spry, wry voice. . . . scribbly full-color vignettes by Ebert . . . channel the quirky, mischievous energy of Hilary Knight’s work.” Publishers Weekly

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