Janet Sumner Johnson
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Not My Circus

Illustrated by Patrick Corrigan
CapstoneISBN: 978-1684466221January 2024

Olivia was supposed to buy eggs at the store. Instead, she bought a circus! Between food fights and a lack of potty training, her mom is not thrilled. When Mr. Victor refuses to take the animals back, it’s off to the zoo for Olivia’s new friends . . . unless she can find a way to prove that she is in control of her circus. Janet Sumner Johnson (Braver Than Brave, A Bad Case of the Almosts, and Help Wanted, Must Love Books) takes a simple idiom and turns it into a hilarious story of one girl’s love of animals, weaving in themes of responsibility, determination, and creative thinking.

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Praise for Not My Circus

A familiar idiom gets a picture-book twist in this story about a determined animal lover. Olivia’s mother sends her to buy eggs, but she can’t resist when she sees a circus for sale. When the animals make a mess of the house and the neighborhood, her mother insists Olivia get Mr. Victor to take his circus back; Mr. Victor repeatedly replies, “Not my circus.” With a lot of patience and hard work, Olivia finds a way to keep her animals–and the peace. ~Danielle Ballantyne, Foreward Reviews


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