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This vs. That: Potato Chips vs. Cheese Puffs

Sep 09, 2013 Uncategorized 7 comments

I really meant to get to this a long time ago. And I could sling excuses all over the place in explanation, BUT . . . I know you’re all dying to hear the results of this debate. Dying!

And I cannot in good conscious be the cause of anyone’s early demise, so here we go:

Total votes: 13

Potato Chips: 9 votes; 69%
Cheese Puffs: 3 votes; 23%
Popcorn: 1 vote; 8%
Interesting. Everyone had an opinion. Not one person was split or wanted to vote for both. I place the blame entirely on the powdered cheese. It has a polarizing effect kind of like Hilary Clinton. Either you love, love, love it, or you can’t stand it. No middle ground involved.

I voted for potato chips, but I confess that watching Toy Story 2 kind of makes me want to inhale a bowl or two of cheese puffs. Gross, I know. Which in the end is why potato chips won.

Another interesting note on this topic is that they have inverted initials: PC (Potato Chips) vs. CP (Cheese Puffs). Funny, huh? AND both initials stand for something else. PC: Politically Correct OR Personal Computer. CP: Critique Partner.

If I had noticed the initial thing sooner, I might have chosen Cheese Puffs solely for the preferable word association. Because I LOVE my critique partners. Hi guys! *waves at all my CP’s*

Alas I digress.

So on to the next debate:

Cold Cereal




7 Responses to β€œThis vs. That: Potato Chips vs. Cheese Puffs”

  1. Old Kitty says:

    Pancakes!! πŸ™‚ Take care

  2. How did I miss potato chips vs. cheese puffs? (Or did I vote and forget?!) I think I would have been your on the fence person. Not all potato chips are created equal. If they're not salty enough they are not worth eating! And cheese puffs do taste good, but the powdered orange catastrophe that always results is a strong point against. So I'd probably say potato chips (because also they come in BBQ and sour cream and onion :)) but I will eat cheese puffs in the absence of more edible food πŸ™‚ As for cold cereal vs. pancakes, that's a tough one. I do love pancakes – especially with blueberries! – but they are messy and time consuming to make and require cleanup. Cold cereal has many varieties and is so quick and easy. Also many flavors can be enjoyed dry for snacks (apple cinnamon cheerios anyone?) So I guess, though I probably like pancakes better, I would say cold cereal. Was that long-winded enough for you, Janet? I'm making up for not commenting in awhile πŸ™‚

  3. I love cheese so much and I'll eat a cheesy puff any day but there's something about potato chips. Sigh.

    I don't have an emphatic choice like I usually do! I think I have to go with pancakes. I eat cold cereal every day. Pancakes are a treat.

  4. Oh, how I hate fake cheese (sorry, Melissa! … we can still be friends, right? Or is your attachment to cheese powder a temporary pregnancy thing?). If I had voted it would unfortunately have been potato chips, which are the bane of my diet.

    I vote smoothie! (because I'm a rebel)

  5. Hi Janet – ah at least I'd get potato chips when I visit! Also definitely pancakes with lemon and sugar = delicious!

    Cheers Hilary

  6. Powdered cheese? Yes, thank you πŸ™‚

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