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Results: Real vs. Artificial


10, 2011 |

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Yes, yes. Way past Christmas, but the results are still relevant, right? (And no worries, Conquering Clich├ęs, Part 2 is on for Wed.). So there were some passionate comments mixed in there on the subject. Don’t hate me because I love real trees! So on to the results . . .

Total votes: 20

Real Tree: 10 votes; 50%
Artificial Tree: 10 votes; 50%

Seriously. I swear I did not meddle with the numbers [unless you count the fact that I had to interpret one or two responses. . . . Still, pretty amazing. ;)]. So apparently we are split down the middle. What would really be interesting would be to repeat this poll over the next ten years (Will you all still be following me 10 years from now?!) and see how the numbers change . . . IF they change. Hmmm . . .

Anyhoo, I did think that Joanna from Whole Latte Life gave the most compelling reason to go artificial. A nest of spiders would definitely make me think twice!

So on to the next debate. President’s Day approaches:

George Washington 


Abraham Lincoln

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