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Chocolate-less Chocolate Chip Cookies – Renamed


12, 2011 |

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So last week I admitted that my favorite type of chocolate chip cookies are the ones with NO chocolate chips. I invited you all to give your suggestions for a new name, and here’s what we have so far:

  1. Abomination Cookies
  2. Fiend Cookies
  3. Oxymoron Cookies
  4. Anti Chocolate Chip Cookies
  5. Brown Sugar Cookies
  6. Chipless Cookies
  7. Choc-less Chip Cookies
  8. Naked Cookies
  9. What the Heck Did You Do With My Chocolate Cookies
  10. Where-the-heck-are-my-chocolate-chip Cookies
  11. Faux Cookies
  12. Naked Cookies
  13. Who Took Ma Chips, Ma? Cookies
  14. Totally Bogus Cookies
  15. Un-Cookies
  16. Abomination and Desolation Cookies

I have my favorite, but I really think we need to vote on this. But if I don’t like the results, I may have to play evil dictator. Just sayin’. 😉

What’s your vote?

*With so many new options, if you need to change your vote, go for it!

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This vs. That: Star Wars vs. Star Trek


23, 2011 |

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I’m a little leary of a backlash by enraged fans after posting the results of this one, but since I’m a risk taker, I’ll go for it.

First though, I have to admit, the voting surprised me this time around. And apparently, this is a burning question to many folks out there in cyberspace. It was like a double contest: first in the voting, and second in the searches used to find the post. Did they search using STAR WARS vs. Star Trek, or STAR TREK vs. Star Wars?

Okay, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer. Here are the results:

Total votes: 21

Star Wars: 9 votes; 43%
Star Trek: 6 votes; 29%
Neither: 3 votes; 14%
Impossible to choose: 2 votes; 9%
Need more info: 1 vote; 5%

And, because I know you’re all dying to know, here’s the second unofficial contest from the searches:
Star Wars vs. Star Trek: 9
Star Trek vs. Star Wars: 9

Yup, exactly equal as of the writing of this post. Fascinating.

[UPDATE: Star Trek surged into the lead with 12 searches as of this morning!]

Perhaps my fandom totally blinded me on this one, but I really thought Star Wars would be the obvious choice (except, of course for you, Vicki!). So yes, I voted Star Wars. Lets just say that even my two-year old knows who Anakin is, and insists on finding a Star Wars book to check out of the library whenever we go. And she’s a girl. (Not that that SHOULD have anything to do with it, but *ahem* there we are).

So, now that I’ve enraged a bunch of people (I’m sure), on to the next debate:


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Results! White Meat vs. Dark Meat


06, 2010 |

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Now that Thanksgiving is well past, I suppose it’s time to tally up the votes for the White meat vs. Dark meat competition. So here we go:

Total votes: 19

White meat: 11 votes; 58%
Dark meat: 6 votes; 32%
Both + veggies: 1 vote; 5%

Tofu: 1 vote; 5%

Now that’s better—a few exceptions to add a little spice. And I admit, I wasn’t sure how to figure in the votes that were contingent upon specific conditions, so I used the “eeny-meeny method.” I’m sure that didn’t affect the numbers at all. 😉

I have to say, I’m rather surprised that white meat won. I totally went for dark. None of this flip-flopping just because I grew up . . . wait, or did I? I can’t remember. Definitely doesn’t seem like it.

So now that this is becoming a semi-regular feature on my blog, maybe I should name it or something. We shall see. But I am especially excited for this next little competition. Are you ready?




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Character Writer or Plot Writer


17, 2010 |

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A few years back I went to a conference, and Shannon Hale asked this question of us: Are you a character writer or a plot writer? Do you come up with characters and then discover their story? Or do you think of a fascinating plot or situation and build from there?

At the time, I wasn’t sure. I debated the finer points of my writing style, but couldn’t decide. Now I laugh at myself for that.

I am a character writer all the way. I discover a character, and then I learn their story through painstaking effort. Painstaking, I tell you. I have to work hard for that plot.

So what are you?

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