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Sugar cookies

This vs. That: Chocolate Chip Cookies vs. Sugar Cookies


05, 2011 |

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Hello, hello! I’m so happy to be back. Especially because today is a This vs. That post. AND we had a record number of votes. So very awesome.

However, I find the results somewhat disappointing. I mean, really people. Does chocolate truly throw all other considerations out the window? But I digress. On to the results:

Total votes: 35 

Sugar Cookies: 10 votes; 29%
Chocolate Chip Cookies: 25 votes; 71%

Of those who voted for chocolate chip:
ONLY if gooey: 2 votes; 8% (of the 25 who voted for ChC)
ONLY if crispy/dunkable: 1 vote; 4%
Coated with a layer of chocolate: 1 vote; 4%

I had to add the subcategories, because I found it fascinating. And just for the record, there were a couple of you who voted chocolate chip, but said you’d change your vote if the Sugar Cookies had a specific frosting or sprinkles.

Hello! Of course the sugar cookies are made exactly to your specifications. You crazies. So your votes went to Sugar cookies. Besides, they could use the help.

And is there really a question about my vote? I went sugar cookies all the way. No question. In fact, when I was little, I used to pick out the chocolate chips or eat around them. If I could. Some cookies were more chocolate than cookie. If I were around when my mom made them, I would request chocolate-less chocolate chip cookies.

So here’s a question for you . . . what do you call a chocolate-less chocolate chip cookie? Seriously. I’m taking suggestions.

Okay, okay. On to the next vote. I debated this one. Last year, we did Real vs. Artificial, and I was sorely tempted to do it again just to see how the results compared (last year they tied). But there are so many great Christmas debates, I couldn’t resist a new one. Are you ready?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas 
by Dr. Seuss


A Christmas Carol 
by Charles Dickens

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This vs. That: Pooh vs. Tigger


03, 2011 |

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I know you’ve all been dying of anticipation on this one, so without adieu, on to the results:

Total votes: 20

Pooh: 12 votes; 60%
Tigger: 7 votes; 35%
Impossible to choose: 1 vote; 5%

That said, 4 of you who voted would rather have voted for Eeyore (20%); 2 of you mentioned Piglet (10%), and 1 person mentioned Owl (5%). Poor Rabbit didn’t even get a pity mention. (Kanga and Roo have each other, so I don’t worry as much about them.)

This round, I gave my vote to Pooh. Perhaps like Amy, I’m surrounded by so much Tigger, that the calm of Pooh sounded VERY attractive. Tiddely pom indeed!

On a side-note, I find it fascinating to learn everyone’s favorite character. It’s so telling! If you care to indulge us, I’d love to hear which one is your favorite and why.

My favorite has always been Roo. He’s the combination of the sense of adventure of Tigger, the wonder of Winnie the Pooh, and the common sense of Christopher Robin. (In my humble opinion, of course. And wow, I wasn’t even trying for the alliteration!)

Anyhoo, on to the next debate:

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sugar Cookies
(Ahem. You may have recently read about my Kryptonite)
(Photo Credit: Free-Extras.com)

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