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Rule Breaking

Possession Launch: Rule Breaking


08, 2011 |

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If you’ve been living in a hole, you may not have heard that Ms. Elana Johnson, woman extraordinaire, is celebrating the release of her debut novel, Possession.  I’m so excited for her, that I couldn’t resist participating in the launch.

My job is to tell about a time when I broke the rules. And confession, this was not so easy for me. Can you tell I’m one of those people? The kind who always keeps the rules and tows the line? *cough* Yeah.

But I have broken a rule or two in my day.

I think.

Just give me a second to remember when . . .

Okay! I’ve got it: In sixth grade when I got to help serve lunch (total privilege, btw!), I gave two desserts, count them TWO, to a cute boy. Ha! Take that, cafeteria rules.

And then there was that time or two I pulled a California stop at a stop sign [aka, I only slowed down a little before going through it, rather than coming to a complete stop]. Total rule breaking, right there.

So yeah, I am no Vi (the mc in Possession). Let’s just hope I never live to see the world as it exists in Elana’s book.

What rules have you broken?

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And P.S. Don’t forget to swing by Friday for the interview with Molly Jaffa, Agent at Folio Literary!

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