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In Which We Eat Ice Cream


13, 2013 |

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We did it.

We came.

We saw.
We got on Skype at the same time (even though Amy’s mic was broken so I had to talk to her on the phone).

We even had the same kind of ice cream.

And our nine-year-old boys STUFFED OUR FACES. (Mine may have enjoyed it a little too much. If you listen closely, you can hear him cry with wicked glee, “This is the most amazing day of my life!” Uh huh.)

Here’s my video evidence of the grand competition.

But we have a little problem. Amy and I are in grave disagreement about who won. Amy says I ate the most ice cream. I say she ate the most ice cream. We need your help.

Who ate the most? Watch Amy’s video here to decide and leave a comment on one of our blogs. We’ll add up the votes and make our decision on Wednesday. Then we’ll announce the ULTIMATE WINNER of our blog competition next Monday (find out what the awesome prizes are here).

And one last congrats to all our friends! You KNOW we love you after seeing these videos, right? 😉

P.S. I sense questions coming over the little cutie trying to get in on the ice cream eating action. Her arm, you ask? Yup, it’s newly broken. But it’s just a hairline fracture, and she’s a trooper. She’s more upset by the splint than the break. She’ll be back to good health before you can blink. 🙂

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SPECIAL EDITION: This vs. That – Trick vs. Treat


03, 2011 |

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First, I want to thank all you great people who have stopped in and commented . . . and apologize for not responding*. Life has been hectically crazy here. I’m sure most of you know all about craziness. Especially the week of Halloween, which brings me to the REAL purpose of this post: The results!

Trick or Treat?

Total votes: 23

Trick: 3 votes; 13%
Treat: 19 votes; 83%
Depends on who’s tricking: 1 vote; 4%

 Okay, no real surprises here. Who wouldn’t like a treat? However, who said the trick had to be mean? SO . . . I voted for Trick, because I am playing a trick on all of you.

Random.org spit out a number, and the number was Old Kitty’s. Just send me your address within 24 hours if you dare, and I will send you something that is NOT a treat (bwa ha ha!).

If you miss the 24-hour mark (aka, 7 AM Nov. 4), Random.org will choose a second someone and so on and so forth. Even if I have your address, you still have to e-mail me! (see that “Contact Me” tab up there? Use it!) 

*If you have your email address connected to your account, I reply by email to your comment

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