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Rachelle Jones Smith

26 Days of Facing the Chicken Exit: DAYS 18-20


25, 2022 |

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Today, we continue the countdown to the release of my upcoming picture book, BRAVER THAN BRAVE, illustrated by Eunji Jungand published by Capstone Editions, a Capstone Imprint. I present Days 18-20 of 26 Days of Facing the Chicken Exit!

DAY 18: Angie Lucas, author of MY BIG, DUMB, INVISIBLE DRAGON 

“I rode the roller coaster of infertility for 12 long years. After three consecutive losses, I gathered every remaining ounce of courage to try ONE more time. And that’s how I got my wonderful son, Wyatt, who just turned 5.”

A white boy with brown hair in a black shirt and camo pants stands in a doorway with a rollercoaster in the background. Above the doorway is a sign that says "Chicken Exit."


DAY 19: PB Character, Morah

In MERMAIDS DON’T WEAR FLOATIES, Morah faces a chicken exit when she elects to learn to swim instead of keeping her floaties on.

~by Rachelle Jones Smith (@writerachelle), art by Jairalin Repalbor

A cartoon girl with red hair and light brown skin, wearing a blue shirt and red striped pants and holding a wrapped present, stands in front of a real life door with a rollercoaster in the background. Above the door is a yellow sign that reads "Chicken Exit"


DAY 20: Gabi Snyder, author of COUNT ON US! 

“As a young adult I went skiing for the first time with friends who were seasoned skiers. They said they could teach me to ski and we got in line for an intermediate slope. I could barely stand in the skis. The idea of starting with an intermediate slope terrified me. Even the chairlift terrified me! So another friend and I happily took the chicken exit and spent the afternoon taking lessons on the bunny hill. The chicken exit was definitely the right choice!”

A light-skinned woman with blond hair in a dark grey shirt stands in a doorway with a rollercoaster in the background. Above the doorway is a sign that says "Chicken Exit."


I hope you enjoyed Days 18-20! Now, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who entered the giveaways on Twitter and Instagram. Today I’m announcing the winners!!

First up, we have the winner of the Twitter giveaway:

Mrs_Alexa_Terry (That.Tall.Teacher)
And next we have the winner of the Instagram giveaway: 
Ryann Jones (ryann_jones117)
Congratulations to you, too!! I hope you both enjoy the book and swag! And if you didn’t win, you can pre-order your own copy at any of the following links (or wherever books are sold):
The King’s English     Bookshop.org         Amazon        Barnes & Noble 


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