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Blog Tour: Count 1, 2, 3 With Me


11, 2013 |

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So yes, I’m really still on break, hard at work on NaNoWriMo (so far so good!), but I had the opportunity to be part of Connie Arnold’s Blog Tour for the release of her latest picture book, Count 1,2,3 With Me. This tour is Also for her new inspiration book, Peaceful Moments of Love and Light. Connie is such a sweet, kind, and supportive author, so I was thrilled to be asked and couldn’t turn it down.

I had the chance to read Connie’s book, which counts from one to ten, painting scenes from the life of a child. It has a fun rhyming text, with bright, vivid images which can easily be counted by children learning to count. As a parent, I love that the text is short, without feeling skimpy. Counting the objects together would easily add length if you were looking to spend more time on a book, but I love finding quick, fun reads that I can read to my kids at night (especially when it is past bedtime–more than likely mine!).  

You can purchase this book from Connie’s website,
from Amazon, or from 4RV Publishing. These links will take you directly to her book.

Also, Readers can comment on this post, or on the posts of other stops in the blog tour, to receive entries in a drawing for three prizes: 

  1. A set of three candle holders.
  2. A signed copy of Connie’s first book.
  3. A framed sunset print with one of Connie’s inspirational verses.
Details about the blog tour, prizes and schedule are on Connie’s blog.

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Fun Times Ahead: The Rundown


15, 2011 |

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As promised, today I unveil my super fun plans!

With WriteOnCon here this week, PLUS I’ll be hosting scads of family for a family reunion, I had this brilliant idea (okay, I stole my brother’s brilliant idea) for a fun way to still keep up with my blog.

So here’s the deal—ever heard of Apples to Apples? This is just like that, only you don’t get to draw cards.  Here are the rules:

  1. Beginning Thursday, August 19, I will post a word on my blog each weekday.
  2. In the comments, you leave a word associated with my word. It can be funny, serious or whatever. (Just keep in mind that I am the judge, so you want it to be a word you think I would associate with the first word).
  3. At the end of two weeks, I will choose my three favorite entries for each post and award 3 pts, 2 pts. and 1pt. respectively. I will add up the points and choose three overall winners.
  4. You can vote on any of the posts until midnight EDT on Sunday, September 4
  5. Anyone can play! If you want to follow or spread the word, great. But not required. However, if you don’t think I have a way to contact you otherwise, be sure to leave an e-mail address (or something) just in case you win.
  6. I will announce winners sometime that next week. And YES, there will be prizes! Good ones.

To sum up.

I write a word. Example: Keyboard.

You write an associated word. Example: Letters; Typing; Music; Piano; Singing; Writing

I choose my favorites.

Three someones win a fun prize.

Easy? Easy. But if you have questions, feel free to ask.

During that time, I apologize that I won’t be able to visit your blogs (can you say beach house?!!), or respond to your brilliant comments like usual (assuming you have an e-mail address connected to your profile), but thanks for visiting and good luck! I can’t wait to read your pithy, hilarious, and overall genius responses!

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