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Burn, Baby, Burn


15, 2010 |

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Saturday night, I had a date with my husband. Things have been crazy (even with the vacation), so it had been a really long time. We planned a bike ride along the Potomac trail, and I was SO excited! It’s just cool to ride along with the Lincoln and Washington monuments staring at you from across the river.

I was getting a quick dinner for the kids minutes before our babysitter arrived, when the phone rang. I answered it, but apparently I’ve lost my finely honed multi-tasking abilities, because I promptly grabbed the pan from the oven with both hands.

Yup, that would be bare hands. The pot holders sitting right there on the counter, staring me in the face. Insult to injury, I tell you.

Needless to say, we canceled our bike ride and decided to do the Lincoln Memorial (by night) instead. I brought my ice-pack with us, but it lost it’s cold all too soon. I was honestly having delusions of being able to shoot fire balls with just a flick of my fingers.

 (That thing I’m holding is the ice-pack)

So then I was thinking how awesome that would be! But wait, what would I even do with such a power?

Yeah, I know, this really doesn’t have much to do with writing (unless you want to think of it as a character exercise), but here’s my question: If you could shoot fire balls with your hands, what would you do with it? World domination? Pyro-maniac encounters? Work for the government? Start an occasional camp fire?

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