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Show Me the Voice Blogfest


20, 2011 |

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 The Show Me the Voice Blogfest is hosted by Brenda Drake over at Brenda Drake Writes . . . under the influence of coffee.

The idea is to polish up our first 250 words before entering them in her contest. The prizes include critiques from Natalie Fischer of the Bradford Literary Agency. Totally awesome! You don’t have to participate in the blogfest to enter, so go check out Brenda’s blog for the details! And be sure to check out the other entries. You can find the list here.

So here are the first 250 words of The Peanut Butter and Jelly Friendship, a middle grade contemporary novel. I’d love to hear your comments!

When they’d first started the cemetery, Annie always hoped for rain. She thought it was more dramatic. But common sense won out. Rain turned the holes into mud baths.
Fortunately, today was perfect, clear-sky burial weather. If she had to wait any longer, it would be too late.
Annie eavesdropped from the top of the stairs. Her brother Matt and a friend droned on about healing plants for Boy Scouts. That’d keep him out of her hair.
She tip-toed down the hall and peeked in her mom’s room. Busy with bills. And Kate was out of the house. Perfect.
Still, to be safe, she sneaked the phone into the hall closet where her sister’s faux fur parka would muffle the sound. She speed-dialed 7 and let it ring once, then hung up and called again. Their secret code. It rang twice before Jason answered.
“It’s me.” Annie was all business. “I’ve got a body count.”
Jason hedged. “I don’t know. My parents are talking to this lady, and . . .”
“Jason, you’re ten. Find a way. This is important.” Without waiting for a response, she hung up.
Jason wouldn’t find a way. Annie knew. She’d just have to go to his house and get him, like usual.

After listening at the door for several seconds, she slipped out of the closet and replaced the phone. In seconds, she extracted the pre-packed bag from under her bed then ran down the stairs.

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