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Out of Context


03, 2013 |

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I was parking my car, when lo and behold, what should I find? You guessed it, a personalized license plate. And this one especially caught my attention because, well, just look:

I know, right? So of course, I immediately assumed that this is a kindred spirit, a fellow writer, because that’s MY context.

MG = Middle Grade.

But then I realized . . . ummm . . . I could be wrong. Duh, duh, duh . . . [Those are the 3 notes of impending doom you hear after some nefarious revelation in a movie . . . just trying to create an atmosphere here.]

So first, I wanted to say something pithy about creating context for your characters, etc., etc. But it’s the end of a long weekend, and, well, you can guess what I’d say, right?

About the quarter?

And the chocolate cake?

And that other thing that I don’t even need to mention?

I thought so.

More importantly, I wanted you to fill in the blank for me. What does “MG” really stand for?

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