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Leigh Moore

Tying Up Random Odds and Ends


01, 2013 |

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First thing to tie up: Around mid-week I realized that I FORGOT to choose the winner of Leigh Moore’s THE TRUTH ABOUT LETTING GO. So I am rectifying that right now. Random.org has spoken and the winner is:

Carolyn V!

Hurray! *throws confetti* Congratulations! I have e-mailed you, so check your inbox. πŸ™‚

Second, a few of you had some questions about last week’s blog hop. Did I end up with S or X? (If any of you wondered about M . . . he’s my brother, so ewww! Did NOT end up with him).

Darling Husband

The answer to that burning question is neither. I met darling husband a couple of months later, and I’d like to say the drama ended there. Since I can’t, I will say that I am ever so grateful I ended up with who I did. He’s a keeper!

Finally, the last loose end to tie up is my annual April blog break. What with A to Z going on, and some serious revisions on my plate, I am going to disappear for the month (or so). I wish you all happy April, and hope you all the best. I look forward to lots of good news when I return in May.

Happy Blogging!

P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day! May you play some fun jokes on people who appreciate your humor. πŸ˜‰

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Interview with Leigh T. Moore and a Giveaway!


18, 2013 |

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So Leigh T. Moore’s book, The Truth About Letting Go has been out
a couple of weeks and is doing awesome! Read all about it HERE.

So what else is there to do but have a
giveaway? Hurray! *throws confetti* One lucky commenter will win a copy of The Truth About Letting Go, just let me know in the comments you’re
interested, and leave me a way to contact you.

Last day to enter is March. 24, and
I’ll post the winner on Monday, March 25th. Best of luck!

In the mean time, since I already interviewed
Leigh HERE, I let my 3-year-old do the honors to give you a fresh perspective
on this amazing author. πŸ™‚

Girlie, take it away!

What is your favorite color? Mine is pink.

Leigh: I’m
imagining us sitting at a little white tea table with a few stuffed animals
joining us. I’m very big, and I’ve got my pink boa and tiara on… 

(sips tea) I like pink, too. When I was
little, purple was my favorite color, though. You can be Pinkalicious and I can
be Purpleicious. Is that OK?

Girlie: Will you sing me a song?
OR Dance with me! I like being a ballerina. How do you like to dance?

Leigh: I don’t dance super well. My dancing
takes special medicine, otherwise I look like Kookoo the Bird Lady from Freaks.

Let’s play magic wands! Mine turns people into stones. What does yours do?

Leigh: Stones! Goodness.
Me: Yup, it’s true! I’ve totally been turned into a stone like 4 times just in the past week. Crazy.
Leigh: Did I mention I
really like this tea? And that’s a lovely dress you’re wearing. Umm… what if
my wand turns people into fairies? That’s fun, huh? 

Me: If I don’t hear from you in a while, I’ll confiscate Girlie’s wand. See if I can figure out the reverse spell! πŸ˜‰

Girlie: If I’m the princess, what does that
make you?

Leigh: I guess I’d have to be either one of
those little birds that help you get dressed or a mouse… I’m glad I’m not the
step-mom or anything. They’re always bad. 

I like to cut things up and play with glue. What do you like to do?

Leigh: You know what’s fun to do with glue?
Put squiggly shapes on construction paper and then dump a bunch of glitter on
it and shake it around. It’s real, real messy. Ask your mom to show you how to
do this… LOL! πŸ˜€
Me: Um, thanks a LOT!

I can write the letter K. What can you write?

Leigh: Now that I’m big, I can write most of
my letters. But you know which one I still can’t write? Cursive Q. That’s hard
for me. Oh, and cursive Z. You’ll probably do those really well. I still have
to make those in print.

Me: Okay, I have to intervene, because
this is my blog after all. Last question:
What would Ashley’s personalized license plate be? Colt’s? Jordan’s? 8 letters
for each. Go!

Leigh: You know I HATE this!!!
Me: Bwah ha ha! I am evil incarnate. πŸ™‚
Leigh: I’m not good
w/personalized plates. Urgh… umm… do they have to be 8 letters?
Me: Okay, okay, you have UP TO 8 letters.
Leigh: OK, here

Ashley would be  REBLREBL (I’m
thinking “Rebel Rebel”–like the David Bowie song… does this look
like Robble Robble?)

Jordan would be HAVEF8TH (That’s not
very good. I know.)

Colt would be L8TRDUDE (OK, his would
be cooler than that, but I actually knew a guy who’s plate was that… LOL!)

Me: Awesome plates! REBLREBL totally came across right. πŸ™‚ Now
aren’t you all wishing you could sit down to a tea party with Leigh, wearing a
pink boa and a tiara? I know I am!!
Thanks for visiting with us, Leigh! And the rest of ya’ll, don’t forget to mention in the comments if you want a chance to win Leigh’s latest.

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NaNoReviMo 2012


05, 2012 |

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I have known about NaNoWriMo for about 4 years now. And I have never done it.

My mini-writing challenge with Leigh Moore last March told me that I would pretty much stink at it. Like a lot.

Last year at this time, I was just gearing up for some major revisions on my book, and I was fortunate enough to discover a group working on revisions instead of writing. We called our November NaNoReviMo.

Ironically, many of us are in the same boat this year, so we have rebanded. Jessie Humphries is keeping us organized, so if you’re interested in joining, go check out her blog and shoot her an email.

Anyhoo, the point of this post is that we are supposed to publicly announce our revision goals to keep us accountable and junk like that, so here are my revision goals for this month:

I know I should be more specific with daily goals, but since I’m super close on everything but the last one,  my daily goal is simply to work on one of these three things. Six days a week. Definitely do-able!

So what are your writing goals this month?

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Cover Reveal: Rouge by Leigh Moore


02, 2012 |

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I know, I know. I’m here AGAIN this week. But when my uber-talented friend, Leigh T. Moore, invited me to be part of her cover reveal for Rouge, well, it was a no-brainer. So without further ado:

Ta daaa!!! Isn’t it awesome?!! Congratulations Leigh! So very excited for you. πŸ˜€

Set to be released Nov. 11, here’s the blurb:

A New Orleans chanteuse must decide
between saving herself (and her young charge) from the brothels by
marrying her well-heeled suitor, or following her heart and marrying a
poor stagehand

And if you haven’t gotten to know Leigh yet, here’s where you can learn more about her:

Amazon Author page

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The Truth about Faking (and a Giveaway!)


10, 2012 |

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Many moons ago I wrote this post which led to a series of emails, a couple of nicknames, and a blogging bestie who is now my writing buddy/critique partner/cheerleader/generally fabulous friend. And if you don’t recognize the picture, I present you Leigh T. Moore!

So when she released The Truth about Faking last week (you can read the whole story >>here<<), I begged her to let me interview her and happily she agreed. 

But since she’s told her publishing story elsewhere, I wanted to show you the heart and other sticky stuff that make Leigh and her writing just so loveable. *Warning: Silliness May Ensue*
Me: If you were a character in THE WIZARD OF OZ, who would you be?

OMG! I am a character on TWOO. I’m Glenda the
Good Witch. Seriously. First, because I can sing that whole song
starting with “Come out, come out whereeeever you are…” But also
because when we were in college, my husband and I never dated–we were just
friends. But we both really loved Wild at Heart (David Lynch). It’s a
really awful movie, but we would laugh at all the silly dialogue,
including the part where Nicholas Cage is visited by the dead girl from
Twin Peaks as Glenda. “The good witch…!” That became me for whatever

Me: I shall see you differently forever after, Glenda! And I shall get you a wand for your birthday. πŸ™‚

Me: Jolly Green Giant vs. Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man. Go.

JGG, of course. Reasons: #1-Stay Puffed is haunted.
Didn’t you see Ghostbusters? (heehee! love that movie!) #2-That Giant is hot. I’m just sayin. Have
you checked him out? And finally, #3-JGG kinda looks like “jiggy” to

Me: How do you take your banana splits?

You know, I don’t really care for banana splits. Now if you made that a Bananas Foster… 

*madly Googles Bananas Foster . . .*

Me: What is your best party trick?

I can dance like Coco the Bird Lady from Freaks.  

*face burns red as I turn to Google again . . . who *gasp* fails me!!!*

Me: Ahem. If you were planning the next Hacky Sack Club challenge, what would it be and why?

Dance like Coco the Bird Lady from Freaks. Because I would win. 

Me: Oh yes, I think you would. But now it’s like an expectation. Do it! Do it! Do it! πŸ˜‰

Me: During your Fairy Relocation Housing Project, how many fairies did you provide housing for and how did you discover the need? 

Well, I’m glad you asked about this, and I know it
was prompted because you are the Clean Up Fairy (eek! You outed me!). I have to credit my
youngest daughter for this outreach. She often walks around seeming to
ignore me and the world in general. I’ll say, “Laura, where are your
pants?” And she’ll walk into a wall. Then last spring, we discovered it
was in fact the fairies distracting her. They were telling her they
needed new homes. As for numbers, well, they don’t like us to share that
information. It was between a trifle and a bonanza. 

Me: Please thank said daughter. The house is fabulous, darling, simply fabulous. Tell her I’ll leave a pot of fairy grease in the hollow log in the magic forest for those head bumps. Works wonders!

Me: Tell us one thing about you we probably don’t know (we promise not to tell anyone, bwahahah!). 

I tell so much, is it possible to answer this
question? Umm… I uhh… well, let me see. I took classical piano
lessons for 12 years. That’s why I think I type so fast. (That’s not
very exciting is it? I also have a tattoo of Glenda the Good Witch on
my… just kidding! That’s a joke.) 

Me: Sensing another Hacky Sack video in your future!

Me: Okay, you knew I had to ask this one . . . if your Main Characters had personalized plates, what would they be? What would yours be?

Oh, wow. Jason would totally have personalized
plates because he’s a car geek. It would be something classic like
muscle cars are great or something–except it would be cool b/c he’s
much cooler than me. Maybe it would be something with Harley’s name,
because he loves to tease her about it. As for me… Uhh… Writrgrl? Is
that dumb? Or 1 Moore? (That IS dumb! How many letters are in a
personalized plate again?)

Haahahah! . . . *cough, cough* . . . I mean, not dumb at all! Really. I think I’ve even seen WRTRGRL before. πŸ™‚ (Oh, and 7 to 8 letters depending on what state you’re in. I think I even saw 9 once. #I’malicenseplategeek)

THANKS so much for having me, Janet! I really hope everyone gets a kick out of my book. My characters are funnier than me. [And she put a cute little heart here that my blog is rejecting. That doesn’t say anything about me, does it? ;)]

—Leigh, thanks so much for answering my crazy questions and for just being you. In congratulations, I will be giving two lucky commenters a copy of her book (format of their choice). Hurray! *throws confetti in air* Giveaway closes at midnight EDT on Saturday, September 15 and I’ll announce the winners next Monday. No requirement to tweet/sidebar/blog about this, but we would love it if you did!
The Truth about Faking: 

Jason just wants a date with Harley.
Harley just wants a date with Trent.
Trent’s still getting over Stephanie.

Harley and Jason decide to fake date, they uncover a school of
deceptions. Trent’s got a secret, but so does Jason. And the more time
Harley spends secretly kissing her fake boyfriend, the further she gets
from her dreams with Trent.

Worst of all, Harley’s mom is
getting cozy with her hot massage therapy student, and even Harley’s
Reverend Dad can’t fake not being bothered by it. But when the masks
finally come off, can everyone handle the real truth?

You can visit Leigh on her blog, That’s Write, or purchase her book at any of the following links:
Barnes &Noble

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Yay for Leigh!


16, 2012 |

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I’m not here yet (really), but I had to poke my head in to give a shout-out to my awesome friend Leigh Moore.

Here’s the blurb from PM:

Leigh Moore’s ROUGE, in which a New Orleans chanteuse must decide
between saving herself (and her young charge) from the brothels by
marrying her well-heeled suitor, or following her heart and marrying a
poor stagehand, to Abby Zidle at Pocket Star, by Kate McKean at the Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

 Go Leigh! Congratulations!!! πŸ˜€ And yes, there will be celebration and giveaways here on release day. Now I’m off to do some more happy dance before I plunge back in to the mess that is unpacking.

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My Final Talent: Video #5


31, 2012 |

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This post will be brief since I was up so late last night watching the USA get thrashed by Brazil (4-1). Sigh.

But I couldn’t miss posting my final video. My duty is now fulfilled. Hope you enjoy!

(For those who don’t know, Leigh Moore and I were doing a 30K in 30 days challenge, and the pennance for missing a day was posting a Hacky Sack Club video. I missed 5 times!!!)

So what talent have you been cultivating?

P.S. All the winners in my giveaway have been contacted, and the books are on the way. Thanks for entering, and enjoy!

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Happy News and High Heels


21, 2012 |

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Before I cut you a slice of my humble pie humiliation, I wanted to share some great news:

Angela Cervantes, one of the amazing writers in my critique group just had her book announced in Publisher Weekly!

“Anna Bloom at Scholastic has bought a debut middle-grade novel by Latino Writers Collective founder Angela Cervantes. The story centers on a Latina sixth-grader who, while volunteering at an animal shelter, discovers that she has a lot in common with the abandoned cats and unwanted dogs there: they want a loving family, and she wants her motherβ€”who was deported to Hondurasβ€”back. Publication is set for 2013. Adriana Dominguez at Full Circle Literary brokered the deal.”

So very excited for her! You can check out Angela’s website, or congratulate her on Twitter: @AngelaCervantes. Yay Angela! Doing the happy dance for you. πŸ˜€

Now, on to that other thing. Video #4.

(For those who don’t know, Leigh Moore and I  were doing a 30K in 30 days challenge, and the pennance for missing a day was posting a Hacky Sack Club video. I missed 5 times!!!)

For the record, I sustained an injury in the making of this video. Darned high heels gouged me! I guess this’ll teach me not to skip out on writing.

And if you haven’t entered, and want a chance to win one of those books, you still have time! Just CLICK HERE. (Wow. Writing it in all caps like that makes it look kindof spammy. But it’s not. I promise.)

So can you walk with a book on your head?

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Humiliation With a Side of Awesome


17, 2012 |

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As promised, video #3. Here I reveal some of my lesser-known talents. What are they? You’ll have to watch to find out! *cue evil laughter*

(For those who don’t know, Leigh Moore and I were doing a 30K in 30 days challenge, and the pennance for missing a day was posting a Hacky Sack Club video.)

Oh! The subterfuge of it all!! Sneaky little beggar.

Despite appearances, the side of awesome I mentioned is not my son (though even I have to admit it was pretty funny). The side of awesome is that I am giving away a boatload of books!

Since we are moving, I’m trying to clear off my shelves. Rather than give my precious books to just anyone, I thought I would offer them up to my lovely followers. Unfortunately, and I hate to do it, but since there are so many, I just don’t think I can afford the international postage on that many items, I’m going to have to limit it to US/Canada.

Okay, but now I feel too bad, soooo, I will draw the name of one international commenter and send them a book. So here are the rules:

  1. You must be a follower.
  2. Leave a comment with your e-mail and please mention if you are international or US/Canada.
  3. For international participants, you have until May 29th to enter, and hopefully I’ll have the winners posted by Thursday.
  4. For the rest of you, the contest is on-going until the books are gone and I announce the end. I’ll start picking winners at random very soon. Tomorrow maybe? Don’t you just love the randomness of it all?

No extra entries for tweeting or passing on the word, but I would love it if you did!

There will be as many winners as I have books to give away (which is a lot), and as a thanks to pay it forward (NTM, you’re the best!), one lucky random person will also win a $10 Starbucks card (I don’t drink coffee, so when my husband won it at work, I knew just what to do with it!).

Please note, the books are used (read at least once), but they are all in very good shape, and most are pretty recent. Most.

And since it will be a media mailer, there won’t be a warm, fuzzy note with it, but know it’s there in spirit.

Love you guys! Thanks for reading my posts, and laughing at my crazy videos (you DID laugh, didn’t you?!!!). Thanks for your support and for generally keeping me sane in this Wonderland World we call Publishing.

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Silliness Ensues


07, 2012 |

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I’m back!

April was a weird month for me in that it seemed to last forever (a la my husband’s job), yet at the same time went by in a flash (a la my goals). I wasn’t a total stranger to the blogosphere (thanks Ruth!), but I wasn’t exactly a close friend either. I think acquaintance is the word. πŸ˜‰

As for my writing challenge with the fabulous Leigh Moore (1K of writing a day), I missed 5 times. Five!!! So that means I will be embarrassing myself a la video for the Hacky Sack Club pretty much most of this month. Hopefully a la your viewing pleasure. (“A la” is my pet phrase of the day.)

Like Leigh, I can’t decide if I’m more embarrassed by that expression on my face at the first, or by my horrible accent. Anyway, enough chatter. First installment, here:

So now that I’m back, did I miss anyone’s happy news? I’d love to hear your shoutouts for yourself or your friends. πŸ™‚

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