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Sharing Traditions


19, 2009 |

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Today, I got to visit London’s kindergarten class and show them how to make cinnamon twists. The teacher invited parents to come in and share their holiday traditions, so this was our offering. London was practically jumping out of his skin, he was so excited. His teacher told me that London bragged all day that he already got to eat a cinnamon twist last night, “So when my mom comes, guess how many cinnamon twist-es I’ll have had?! Two!” And may I say that his teacher does a pretty good impression of London.

London got to be my helper, and showed all his friends how to dip the dough in butter, cinnamon-sugar, and then twist. Twisting was amazingly hard for them to do. Some really didn’t want to get butter and sugar on their hands. And a few of the kids finally just mushed their twist into a ball. Very amusing. One or two wanted to eat the sugary dough, but fortunately I brought a pan of already-baked twists so they could all taste them. We had fun.

Khyah sat in her stroller and happily munched on a plastic bag until one of the kids told on her. She screamed bloody murder when I took it away, but accepted her binky as a peace offering. Th teacher’s assistant was very happy to hold her.

Brandt was THRILLED to be at school with the big kids. At circle time, the teacher let Brandt call out all the kid’s names as they were drawn from the basket. Brandt stood calmly at the front, and carefully pronounced each name (and some weren’t so easy). The kids thought he was super cute. They giggled when he said a name wrong, and patted him on the head when they took their name from him. The teacher was very impressed that he was willing to do that.

What can I say? I just have impressive kids. 😀

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15, 2009 |

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School started this past week. London did a month of summer Kindergarten in Missouri back in June, but now it’s official. He has been going to school a full week. We walk together and say goodbye at the door. He gives me a hug and a kiss, repeats it for Brandt. (By day 3, I had to remind him). Then he strides in the door with a big smile. Confident. Excited. Guess I can’t ask for much more.

He got new shoes, which he loves to tell people about. “Ta da! Look at my new yellow shoes!” (They’re blue and silver with a little bit of yellow lining).

And he got a few shirts. His star wars shirt is his favorite, though. I gave him the lecture: “No light saber fights at school! Got it?” “Ye-e-s, Mom. I got it,” he droned. Where’d that droopy kid voice come from? You’d think I lecture him all the time or something. And you all can just stop laughing! 😉

He brags that now he only has 2 days off a week, just like Daddy (which isn’t actually true, since Daddy only gets one, but that’s a different story).

When we head home at the end of the day, little girls call out to him, “London! Bye!” London barely notices because he’s so busy giving me a run down of the day. Yesterday (Monday), he told me, “I had art today, and guess what Mom, we go to art every Monday. Isn’t that exciting?!” (I heard his teacher repeat the word “exciting” several times at back-to-school night, so at least I know he’s listening.)

After the first day, he told me he had a new friend and wanted me to call him so they could play. “What’s his name?” I ask. “Umm, I don’t remember. But you could call him.” Ri-i-i-ight.

The next day he was more excited. “Remember that friend I was telling you about? His name is Solomon. Now can you call him?” “I need a phone number to call him, London, and I don’t know it.” London was very disappointed. “Why, mom? Why don’t you know it?” So I told him it’s because I’m not clairvoyant. That one took him awhile.

Happy day, though, we got his number at back-to-school night. Turns out his mom speaks very little English. Fortunately she is a Spanish speaker instead of something like Urdu. Sure, you laugh, but there are enough Urdu speakers at his school to warrant translation via head-set at back-to-school night. Lucky London!

Oh, and it turns out Monday is short day. Woops. Fortunately we didn’t go to the library like Brandt wanted.

London loves school!

Though one might guess he’s pointing at his teacher, he’s actually asking me which way to go. It’s the other way. 🙂

Ready to go! The Kindergarteners meet in the gym in the morning and walk to class as a group. Look at him stand at attention!

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