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Hacky Sack

The Hacky Sack Club


02, 2012 |

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Today you are all in for a surprise. My first ever vlog.

Here’s the deal. Amy Sonnichsen (of The Green Bathtub) and I had this crazy idea of forming a Hackey Sack Club. She posted the sensational YouTube video of old Chinese people singing Lady Gaga and somehow in our back and forth conversation that led to Hacky Sacks. And because we’re so cool, we had to form a club, because that’s what cool people do. So anyway, for your viewing pleasure:

After seeing my mad skillz, I know you’re all dying to join the club, so go. Make your video, or even just post a picture, then find the badge below or on my sidebar and add it to your blog. Let us know and as long as supplies last, we’ll send you a hacky sack.

UPDATE! For updated rules to enter, check out this post.

Because I say “Boo! Boo to the loneliness that is writing!”

(courtesy of my talented sister Reb at Reb Sumner Photos)

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