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Google Hits


24, 2011 |

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A favorite amusement of mine is looking at the Google Searches that led to my blog. Surely I’m not the only one who does this. Right? Anyway, some of the hits make total sense.

For example, I get a surprising number of hits for “patience vs. waiting” (surprising that so many people look that up). With a blog post titled “Waiting vs. Patience” I come up as the first hit. That makes sense. Every now and then I get a hit for “double-jointed thumbs.” Okay, I’ve touted mine enough that I can see the connection. And “what are the two squiggly lines on my license plate.” Yup, with my license plate fetish, no questions there. And just so you know, I have no idea about the squiggly lines. Sorry to the next guy (or girl) who ends up here.

But how in the heck did my blog come up after this query: “where do you look at Christmas lights in Sumner”? . . . Oh wait. “SumNer” instead of “SumMer.” Still, I can’t repeat the results. They must have been on page 20 of the results or something.

And another: “things said that make you laugh.” While I’m flattered that would lead someone to my blog (he he), I can’t duplicate that either.

Another hit came from a search for “hilary mckay.” Yeah, I’m baffled, too.

How about “too many compliments sound fake.” So what is that saying? That I sound fake? I can’t believe Google would have the audacity to connect me to that! 😉 Oh yeah, this may just mean a future post on this very subject. Maybe.

Do you do this? And if so, what are the craziest search words that led to your blog?

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Ms. Bestower-of-Confidence


12, 2010 |

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Have you ever been around someone who makes you feel like a million bucks? It doesn’t seem to matter the time or the place or the occasion, there’s just something about them . . . and it’s not just you. Everyone else feels the same way about them, too.

I so wish this was me. But alas, not to worry, I think most things in this world can be learned. So here are my 5 easy rules for being Mr./Ms. Bestower-of-Confidence (based on observation, of course):

  1. Smile. But not just with your mouth, and even beyond your eyes. Find your happy place and keep it at the front of your thoughts.
  2. Give compliments. The catch is they have to be sincere. None of that “I love your hair” crap, when you’re really thinking “What were they thinking?”
  3. Don’t give too many compliments. Then you just sound fake.
  4. Ask questions. About them. There’s a catch to this one, too. You have to listen to the answer. Not just with your ears, but with your whole body. Then ask follow-up questions. And yup, you guessed it, just keep listening.
  5. Enjoy life. Have fun. And I don’t mean the go-out-and-get-drunk variety. Look at kids, they recklessly dance to the music at the end of a movie without fear of looking silly. They get excited because they see two school buses in the same place. They laugh at the sheer pleasure of running as fast as they can. They don’t worry about getting chocolate on their noses, they just enjoy.

 People who do this have a contagious happiness. These are the people I like to be around. So what rules did I miss?

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