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Catherine Denton

Hacky Sack Club Inductee: Catherine Denton


01, 2012 |

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PhotobucketToday, I introduce to you to the first ever Hacky Sack Club Inductee:

Catherine Denton! 

*throws confetti* 
*releases a gaggle of balloons in the sky* 
*toots a new years horn*

Hurray and welcome to the club!

All the rest of you, go check out her Hula-Hacky Movie Debut.

And happy day, Amy and I still have hacky sacks to send if you want to join the club. I know you’re thinking about it . . . I have ESPN (hee, hee). We can’t wait to see your video next (hacky sack optional)!

The Wall of Shame Fame will be up shortly. 🙂

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