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Late Results


08, 2010 |

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Yes, it has been over a month since the Cake vs. Ice Cream debate. But as this is such a pressing issue, I couldn’t let it slide. People breaking rules left and right, but *sigh* I suppose I’ll let it pass. Again. 😉

Ready for the results?!

Total votes: 31

Cake: 14 votes; 46%
Ice Cream: 13 votes; 42%
Gelato: 1 vote; 3%
Icing: 1 vote; 3%
Ice Cream Cake: 1 vote; 3%
Depends (as in depends on the situation, not the brand called Depends): 1 vote; 3%

The cool thing is that I got to throw in the deciding vote. Woo hoo! I feel the power coursing through my veins . . . oh wait, that’s the Snickers bar I ate earlier.

Okay, so the next pressing issue that MUST be decided:

A Cruise

 (photo compliments of freefoto.com)



(yes, that’s me sticking out my tongue, just trying to make you all jealous)

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Timeless Debates


30, 2010 |

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So I have to follow up on the chocolate/peanut butter debate. Here are the results:

Total votes: 33

  Peanut Butter: 3 votes; 9%

  Chocolate: 23 votes; 70%

  Both (which wasn’t even a choice, people!): 7 votes;  21%

Technically, another 7 grudgingly chose chocolate, but would have preferred both. In that case, chocolate got 16 votes, being 48%; and both got 14 votes, being 42%.

Still, chocolate won. Alas, I was on the peanut butter side. I feel so alone!

This time, we need a harder question. Got it . . . Ice cream or cake? (Any flavor)

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