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10 Random Facts


13, 2011 |

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Lindsay, over at Adventures in Writing, tagged me last week with a Random Fact post. So it is my privilege to share 10 random things about myself (the trick is to keep you from getting bored).

  1. I bite my lip when I’m thinking. (My bottom lip really takes a beating when I’m writing.)
  2. I have amazingly high arches. Shoe shopping is very difficult.
  3. When I was age 6 or so, I randomly decided I was going to go to Harvard. That lasted until I looked at tuition prices in high school.
  4. I learned to play the guitar because my college roommate took a class and I thought it looked fun. I have a reperatoire of about 10 songs I can play (including “My Grandfather’s Clock”). 😉
  5. I once slipped a piece of broccoli down my shirt to avoid eating it. I totally got caught because it fell onto the kitchen floor before I could dispose of it.
  6. My sister named the car I drove in high school “Calico.” (Bet you can guess why.)
  7. The horn on Calico didn’t work. Except when it did. And then it tried to make up for lost time.
  8. The passenger door on Calico wouldn’t stay shut in freezing weather. We had a lot of freezing weather my senior year.
  9. When I was 15, I travelled to Mexico with my family to witness a total solar eclipse. It turned out to be cloudy.
  10. I like coloring in coloring books.

 I am tagging:

Kamille Elahi
Bethany Elizabeth
Maeve Frazier

P.S. This is a low-stress tag. Do with it what you will. 🙂

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You Showed Me!


29, 2010 |

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I can’t remember why Brandt was mad, but here’s the conversation:

Brandt:  I’m mad at you mom!

Me:  It’s dinner time. Come eat.

Brandt:  I’m NOT eating!

Me:  Fine. Come watch the rest of us eat, because it’s dinnertime and you will sit with us.

Brandt:  [arms crossed, sending daggers my way, stomps to the table] I’m NOT . . .

Then he saw what was on his plate. He threw me a furious look and tried again.

Brandt:  I’m ONLY eating my fish, and my broccoli, and drinking my drink. That’s ALL I’m eating!

Me:  Okay, Brandt. You win. You just eat that.

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