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Just Chillin’

Sep 19, 2011 Uncategorized 22 comments

Today, I am just admiring some license plates.

  1. CRPE DM
  2. TRNTLA (Bonus points if you guess the model of the car)
  3. AWSUM 1
  4. HUGGS
  6. HAF PINT (This one’s funnier when you see the car)
  7. 2SLFSH
  8. YES OCFR (My personal favorite)
  10. LIV W1LD

Did you get them all? So which of these plates is on your car today?


22 Responses to β€œJust Chillin’”

  1. My brain's still half a sleep. I can only figure out the obvious ones, like Huggs. πŸ˜€

    Love 2SLFSH. TRNTLA must have been big and black. Can't think of any hairy cars though.

  2. Joanne says:

    Hm, if I had to pick one for my car today, it would be CRPE DM, Seize the day, live it to its fullest!

    Happy Monday …

  3. YES OCFR. My kids can recite the whole thing word for word. So funny that someone actually put it on their plate.

  4. I like number four. But mine says VRTUO5O . . . maybe I should practice more.

  5. Lynn says:

    I like number 7 too. But today, since I'm taking the day off work, 2SLFCH works for me!

  6. Oh my, I'm the worst at these kinds of things! Luckily we don't have many such license plates on the UK.

  7. Carolyn V says:

    Those are so cool. I'm going for #1. *fingers crossed*

  8. LTM says:

    I have to be #1 today, since I just did it and all (see my blog), but I got the Tarantula one!!! A spider~ πŸ˜€ <3

  9. Your #8 is a favorite here, too…but a funny plate I saw the other day said "WIN1PZ." Maybe only football fans would understand this one, specifically Cincinnati fans, since the plate was illustrated with the team logo, a Bengal… πŸ™‚

  10. Quite interesting. I like number 8 (even though the abbr. for of course is "ofc")

  11. WritingNut says:

    Very neat! Think I'm going with #1 today πŸ™‚

  12. The only one I know is #2…a pontiac spider.

  13. I think I have to go with #1, but I'm embarrassed to admit that the only one I can't figure out is your personal favorite. I thought maybe Yes Officer, but the letters are in the wrong order. Now I'm going to wonder and wonder what it means!

  14. This is fun. I'm guessing Trntla may have been an MR2 Spider, but I could be wrong. Was the Haf Pint a Cooper? Love your license plate fetish!
    Out of all these I think I'd choose Crpe Dm. You?

  15. DWei says:

    I think I got most of them but I wouldn't want any of them.

    No gamer references.

  16. Lenny Lee* says:

    hi miss janet! yippee! more license plates! i get them all but that french one. for that TRNTLA im thinking its a black toyota mr2 spyder. its a sports car. ferrari and alpha romeros got cars called spiders too but im thinking its that toyota cause mostly you dont see those other ones so much. for sure my most fav is the HUGGS one.:)
    …huggs from lenny

  17. Is there such a car as a spider? That would be my guess for #2. My son loves tarantulas! He did a school project on them. Did you know that in the rain forest, kids catch tarantulas as big as their faces and roast them over a fire like marshmallows. Seriously. I saw it on human planet.

    Okay, that has nothing to do with license plates! πŸ™‚


  18. Love the plate game. Is Tarantula on a Spider?

  19. Lydia Kang says:

    I am a little anti-vanity plate. I like reading them on other cars, not my own. PRobably because mine would say "CRZYMOM"

  20. Some people get so creative with their license plates. It's impressive.

    I couldn't figure out number two, so there's no way I'm scoring the bonus points.

  21. Carpe Diem
    Tarantula – must tell us what kind of car! Isn't there foreign sports car called a Spider?
    Awesome one.
    No Control (yup, smile)
    Too Selfish (self-deprecating smile)
    YES OCFR – yeah that's my favorite one! Why no, occifer, I haven't been drinking!!

    I didn't get the French one ;(

    Live Wild πŸ™‚

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