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In Which I Gush About Librarians

Jun 01, 2015 Uncategorized 7 comments

I LOVE our local library. And more importantly, my kids love our local library. My sons aren’t shy about asking the wonderful librarians for help, and my daughter knows right where to go to find the cool computer with kid-friendly games (which are, of course, all educational).

One of our favorite things is the summer program. The nationwide theme this year is:

Every Hero has a story

 To add to the fun, our library made this awesome photo background (complete with cape and mask) for our photographing pleasure.

And see that kid right there? My second grade graduate? This reading program has fueled his love for reading. All year he’s been meh about it. Reading wasn’t horrible for him, but it was something he did when we made him.

But since the summer reading program started, he’s been determined to get in the minutes to earn those books and prizes . . . he’s a different child. He just finished Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein.

And before that it was all three of the Case File 13 books by J. Scott Savage. And he’s now dying to write to Mr. Savage who is now his favorite. (My reluctant reader as a favorite author!)

Obviously I love the summer reading program as an author. How great that kids are reading!

But I love it even more as a mom. I just want to thank all you librarians out there who work so hard to encourage a love of reading. Who put awesome books on display, and make going to the library a treat. Thank you for sharing your passion. Thank you for making it fun. Thank you for opening doors upon doors of opportunity and adventure to my children, because that’s what reading does.

Is anyone else out there participating in their library’s summer reading program?


7 Responses to “In Which I Gush About Librarians”

  1. My kids are too old for the summer reading program now, but they certainly enjoyed it as children. And thanks for the shout-out to librarians everywhere. We love reading, too, and are always happy to build that same love into the next generation 🙂 Sharing your post with our staff.

  2. I miss the library near my house. It closed down years back. Nowadays I love visiting the libraries of the club to which I belong and the college where I teach part-time.

  3. Slamdunk says:

    Definitely–thanks to all the librarians and their good work. Only daughter will now go to the library with me, but I don't stop asking.

    And congrats to your star 2nd grade grad/superhero!

  4. Hi Janet – it sounds like your library is pulling the stops out for the kids – what fun … and it's wonderful how many programmes are out there for all of us – if we take a look. Enjoy the summer reading time .. sounds fun – cheers Hilary

  5. I've been invited by two libraries in a neighboring county as a guest author for their summer reading program — Every Hero Has a Story — and both libraries are featuring The Eighth Day as their Summer Book Club selection. So, yeah, librarians are on my list of Very Favorite People!

    One of them is even hosting a BBQ in my honor, featuring the food my protag Jax tried to cook in the book for his mysterious next door neighbor. Of course, Jax burned all the hamburgers, and I'm not sure how "true to the story" this librarian wants to be. Maybe I should eat before I go? (I do appreciate her enthusiasm, though!)

  6. MikeS says:

    You bet we are. The kids love it and do it every year.

  7. Tell him to absolutely write me a letter! 🙂

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