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Hacky Sack Club: Congratulations Edition

Jan 14, 2013 Uncategorized 18 comments

Happy New Year! I hope you all had wonderful holidays and that your new year is already swinging in with all sorts of good things.

I know at least one person who finished the year with a super bang: Amy Sonnichsen! She was offered rep by the fabulous . . . well go read her blog and find out!

Wait!!! Don’t click over yet!

Because you don’t want to miss this. Some of you may recall that the
fabulous Amy did a little video for me when I signed with Agent
Fabulous. I’m ashamed it has taken me so long, but I couldn’t let this
go without returning the favor with a Hacky Sack Club video of my own.

Hope you enjoyed, and Congratulations, Amy! So excited for you. ๐Ÿ™‚


18 Responses to โ€œHacky Sack Club: Congratulations Editionโ€

  1. Old Kitty says:

    Oh Janet Summer Johnson! HOW talented are you?!?! Awwwwww!!! Thank you for the sweet serenade this cold wintry Monday! I don't recognise the song so next you're going to knock me back with a feather and say you wrote it!! Yay! Take care

  2. Slamdunk says:

    Wow–well done Janet.

    Happy New Year to you and I look forward to you sharing more of your many talents with us.

  3. You have such a beautiful voice, Janet. And this song is lovely : )

  4. You are a woman of so many talents it's amazing, Janet!!! Love your song. And I'm sure The Eagles are feeling more than a little threatened! Congrats to you and Amy both on your signing with stellar agents ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Awesome!!!!! Wonderful!!! You amaze me!

  6. JANET!! You are AMAZING!! Look at that talent! Just when I thought you couldn't take hacky sacking any higher, you did!

    And a song all for me? I can barely believe it. I feel so honored. Thank you for your sweet congratulations! (I hope this posts – my internet has been on the fritz.)

    Love you, my friend!!

  7. Aw, that was so great! I loved it! A HUGE congrats to Amy!

  8. Patti says:

    Awesome song, very well done and congrats to Amy.

  9. LTM says:

    omg!!! CUF! What a lovely voice you have! And wow, you can play and sing at the SAME TIME… I'm so impressed.

    I feel like I can claim a little big of this, since I'm also in the Hacky Sack Club… ๐Ÿ˜€ LOL!

    SO excited for you AND Amy! LOVE it when good stuff happens to the good guys. :o) *hugs* ~NTM

  10. That was awesome! But then Amy is totally awesome, too, to it's a great fit! Thanks for the happy moment! ^_^

  11. *so it's a great fit *sigh*

  12. Okay, Janet. When are we going to see YOU on American Idol??? ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Hi Janet .. loved this – well done .. the guitar hacky sacky club is one great group to be a part of .. glorious to listen to – well done.

    Must check out Amy now …

    Cheers Hilary

  14. nutschell says:

    love hearing about writers getting agents! Will hop on over to check her blog out.


  15. Wonderful!! You have talent!

  16. That was cool! CONGRATS to Amy!

  17. Fun video, Janet! You always bring a smile to my face when I visit your blog, and I have awarded you The Sunshine Award on my children's blog.

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